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R1-09323-010ACalifornia, 2018

We spent two months traveling. Two months without our phones, no social media and no digital camera. Usually when I’m traveling, I tend to use my phone as a camera most of the time and I always regret it. It’s mostly because it’s so easy and quick. I tend to take too many pictures and quickly forget and get tired of them. (I also forget to use my analog camera, which is what I actually plan on using but never end up doing) I get back from my trips and everyone knows where I’ve been, how it looked like and they don’t really need to hear the stories because they’ve already been told on social media. No wonder I get tired of my own photographs. So this way of traveling was really exciting. Not being able to shoot pictures with my phone made these pictures I’m about to share so incredibly special to me. And I value both the pictures and the memories in a different way than I would have if I’d also shot thousands on my phone. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about photography, and I can’t wait to finally share some pictures again